Production Design

Girl On The Side, 2017 - Post production 

Over the course of a night, a girl discovers she's been playing on the sidelines of her life. A raw account of what it's like to be a girl on the side: unnoticed, obedient, and aching to be seen.

Painter + Set Decorator

Color of Reality, 2016 

Transfixed by racial, political, and socioeconomic tensions saturating the news, movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, enveloped by the art of Alexa Meade, switch off the TV and release their emotion into a stirring dance that is both a lament and a spirited call to action.

Artist for Hire 

Background and Decorations

New Girl, TV Series, Twentieth Century FOX

An ensemble comedy centering on a free-spirited young woman, her three male roommates and her best friend, as they navigate modern relationships and end up forming a charmingly dysfunctional – or strangely functional – family.

Painting Assistant + Set Decorator

Artist : Alexa Meade

Artist Alexa Meade is famous for inventing a technique that optically transforms the 3-dimensional world into a 2-dimensional painting.