Britt Harrison is a painter living and creating in Los Angeles, California. 


Artist Statement

My education in psychology, introduced me to a wealth of thought-provoking theories on the self and the power of the mind. I’m interested in the role that art can play in unravelling psychic knots of anxiety, trauma, shame and grief. I have been conceptually weaving these psychological inquiries into my work. My mission is to create work that encourages emotional healing and to use the creative process to empower interpersonal connection and community.

My approach is increasingly interdisciplinary; painting, installation, photography, sculpture and printmaking have all become a part of my practice. By moving through material I am able to view the concept from various angles. My current series is based on Carl G. Jung’s archetype theory, which details archaic personas through a modern lens. In this process, I am working with one individual who feels intimately connected to the described archetype.

Starting with the mask persona, which addresses pressures within our communities, families and larger social context that shape our identity and how we socially present ourselves. This series has been an experiment in trust, vulnerability and catharsis. My process has been multitiered beginning with an in depth conversation with the subject which then informs a metal sculpture based on their persona. Using photography and video I document my subject moving in these metal structures. Each stage of this process provides research for the final painting.

Harrison is a Los Angeles-based painter, printmaker, and curator originally from North Carolina. She studied fine art at New York University and has a B.S in Psychology from University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She is the co-founder of the arts collective and publication Future Tongue. ||