Photo by Kim Newmoney

Photo by Kim Newmoney

Britt Harrison is a painter living and creating in Los Angeles, California. 


Artist Statement

Through painting and printmaking, Britt Harrison investigates the complexities of human emotions. Having studied psychology, she is most interested in examining negative emotions of anxiety, anger, and self-doubt. As well as the ways that societal expectations can shape the way we expose ourselves to the outside world.


Drawing visual inspiration from her childhood and the time spent exploring the untamed woods of North Carolina, her work uses imagery of animals and natural landscapes as an entry point into societal critique. Often natural or chaotic arrangements are illustrated as either constrained or balanced by harsh geometric forms. These various strict shapes are implemented as a symbol of social or personal control. By having them float in a timeless abstracted space, these intimate moments of struggle become isolated.


Harrison is a Los Angeles-based painter, printmaker, and curator originally from North Carolina. She studied fine art at New York University and has a B.S in Psychology from University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She is the co-founder of the arts collective and publication Future Tongue and the creative events organization Obscure House.


hello@brittharrison.com || www.brittharrison.com